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Whitworth, the world's largest LED measurement and sorting equipment manufacturer, has been affected by the impact of the epidemic on the industry chain and market demand this year. It is estimated that revenue in the first half of the year may decline from the same period last year. Looking forward to the second half of the year, if the major customers' Mini LED products are successfully shipped in large quantities, the OEM revenue from the later-stage inspection-related processes is expected to grow significantly, and the OEM revenue will increase after the initial estimate of Q4. It is estimated that OEM revenue will account for 10% of revenue this year, and it will challenge more than 20% next year.

On the other hand, winning from the continuous investment of existing customers in the VCSEL project and the addition of new customers, Whitney will increase its revenue contribution from optical communications related equipment this year. Due to the low base period of last year, laser precision processing equipment has doubled its revenue growth challenge this year. The overall revenue of optical communications and laser-related equipment is estimated to be about 10% this year.

In the past, OEM revenue accounted for about 8% of Whitley's revenue. It is estimated that this year, driven by the main customer Mini LED, mass production, the proportion of revenue may reach more than 10%. If Mini LED will be put into volume smoothly next year, next year's revenue share will have a chance to challenge more than 20%.

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